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From President Desk

Mr. Ram Bahadur Gurung

We are happy to know that Nepalese hand knotted woolen carpet sector which has been providing employment opportunity to a large number of deprived sector’s youths and has become one of the main sources of foreign currency earnings of the country, is still Nepal’s top export product. As per the statistics provided by the Government, its export value for the Fiscal year 2015/16 constituted 11 per cent of total value of the all exports from Nepal amounting to USD 76 Million. The value of carpet export in this Fiscal Year increased by 16 per cent compared to that of last Fiscal Year 2014/15. The recent export performance of the Nepalese carpet sector reflects that the Nepalese carpet industry recovered from the damage caused by devastating earthquake that occurred in the country on April 25 and May 12, 2015 and disturbances from the blockade at the southern border. We are thankful to our friends from carpet industry for their hard work and patience and to our valued importers for their love and trust to the Nepalese Carpets. NCEA, since its establishment, has been participating in International Carpet Fairs in spite of its limited resources received from the support of its members and from the government. NCEA will continue to participate in international carpet fairs in coming years to promote Nepalese carpet in international markets. Despite the long time concern of Nepalese carpet exporters and government about the issuance of national label for Nepalese handmade woolen carpet, it has not yet materialized. The recently introduced NTIS, 2016 has also mentioned facilitating the collective trademark for exportable items. However, it is a challenge for both the government as well as carpet exporters to issue and adopt common national label and the promotion of the label as such in the countries of destinations where importers of Nepalese carpets are doing their best to sell the Nepalese carpets on their own. So, it is NCEA’s suggestion that there should be tripartite discussions among Nepalese carpet exporters, importers and the Government of Nepal for reaching a most viable solution to introduce appropriate label for the Nepalese carpet. It is good news that the Government of Nepal through the Ministry of Commerce/ Trade and Exporter Promotion Centre has, for the first time in the history of Nepal, launched the Nepal Trade Information Portal (NTIP) to provide an easy and faster access to all trade-related information to traders of all commercial goods by consolidating all the useful cross-border trade regulatory information in one online platform. We hope the portal will help improve Nepal’s trade efficiency by providing all relevant trade related statistics and information on time with online access. We would like to repeat NCEA’s commitment to work harder to revive the Nepalese carpet industry with the help of all stakeholders including government of Nepal and protect the interest and aspiration of its members and trade interest of the country. I take this opportunity to thank the Publication Committee, the Secretariat and our valued advertisers from the bottom of my heart for their invaluable contribution, hard work and financial support to publish this magazine.

Ram Bahadur Gurung


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